We are PEARL Homes

The PEARL Home is designed to inspire in its construction and focus on responsible, clean energy. Ours are the first mass-market, production-built homes designed to generate as much energy as they consume. That’s why we’ve partnered with Germany’s award-winning SonnenBatterie®, allowing each home to store excess solar energy for use at night or to share it with the PEARL Homes Community and the entire grid. This creates a virtual power plant of clean, carbon-free energy.

Of course, there is no green revolution without the people. PEARL Homes Communities feature hundreds of luxury, energy-neutral homes, reducing construction costs and increasing access to green living. With streamlined production in the U.S. and abroad, PEARL Homes Communities are set to revolutionize the green homes market. For residents, for communities, and for the planet, PEARL Homes are changing the industry.

Inside PEARL Homes

What We Offer

The PEARL Home combines the latest in energy-neutral home technology with modern luxury. Our homes are responsibly crafted and our communities are designed to build strong relationships—with neighbors, with nature and with a global movement toward responsible living. When you purchase a PEARL Home, you’re not only investing in the most technologically advanced home you’ll ever own—you’re investing in the future of homebuilding.

Our Core Values

There is no green revolution without the people. Pearl Homes Communities open the doors to green living for everyone with energy-neutral homes and options at multiple price points. Green living has never been more Luxurious and affordable.

The PEARL Homes Difference

Designed for luxury, Zero Energy living, each Pearl Home features:

  • High-efficiency building envelopes for increased thermal comfort
  • Google Home® Smart Speaker & Home Assistant for seamless integration of
  • Nest® Learning Thermostat
  • Google has always worked to close the distance between you and what you want. Whether it’s finding you the best instructions to help you assemble a crib, automagically reminding you to leave for your flight on time, or guiding you on the shortest route to the store before it closes, their software and services are all about helping you quickly traverse the gap between wanting and knowing, wanting and doing, and wanting and having
  • WaterSense high-efficiency fixtures and Hunter® Smart Irrigation
  • EPA ENERGY STAR appliances by GE®, reducing electricity use by 10-50 percent
  • Recognized third-party verified certifications: LEED Platinum (USGBC), Indoor AirPlus (EPA), and Zero Energy Ready Department of Energy (DOE)
  • The most modern, sustainable, and attractive homes on the market