Greater Than Green.

At Pearl Homes, we have made it our mission to solve the sustainable living crisis by building carbon-neutral homes for all income levels. While many home builders are cashing in on the Green Revolution by offering pricey “green” homes only to wealthy homebuyers, we have created breakthrough energy smart homes that generate more energy than they consume. And we are making these homes available across all markets but with main focus on the affordable sector.

The end result is there is now a solution to both the climate crisis and the housing crisis – our state-of-the-art homes that have intelligent solar management with Google AI and home automation. These homes are even able to share excess energy across the grid … becoming virtual power plants of clean, solar energy

Leading the way

Leading the Way Towards a More Sustainable Future

PEARL Homes aims to push the barriers of traditional homebuilding with third-party verified, green building practices and the incorporation of cutting-edge home technology. The commitment to sustainable living is at the core of our development projects, offering a step closer to the future of modern building, and community development. All PEARL Homes utilize solar power, including on-site battery storage technology, to drastically reduce energy consumption and traditional utility costs. Coupled with PEARL Homes’ modular and prefabricated building methods and sustainable materials, our housing developments reduce our overall carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Our first completed PEARL home is already recognized as a leader in energy-efficient housing, as it recently was named the world’s very first LEED Zero Energy Home by the U.S. Green Building Council (“USGBC”).

Constructed with heavy duty steel framing, the PEARL Home offers maximized durability, engineered to withstand Category 5 hurricanes. Indeed, the need for increased weather resistance has never been more prevalent with hurricanes statistically becoming strong and intensifying more rapidly in the Atlantic, affecting housing right here in Florida. With our focus on sustainability, we are forming a unique brand amongst traditional builders in Florida and beyond.

By incorporating modular building and prefabricated construction, we are also addressing growing environmental pressures, cost increases, and shortages of skilled labor. Prefabricated and modular construction is the future of homebuilding. This approach allows PEARL Homes to improve quality and reduce on-site construction time by as much as 75%. With modular construction, PEARL Homes can maintain low overhead and reduce domestic construction costs while maintaining high industry standards. Each unit is constructed as a standard module, built to precise standards in our factories, allowing maximum thermal, sound, atmospheric, and fire performance. The modules and units can then be stacked to meet any design specifications or elevation requirements.

All of these factors weigh in heavily in ensuring the PEARL Home is the peak of sustainability. In fact, we have partnered with some of the world’s leading companies tackling affordable housing needs. The aim is to deliver cutting-edge design at an obtainable price, making green living an affordable reality to the broader market.

Making Sustainable

Making Sustainable Living Affordable

While commercial and residential buildings account for 39% of CO2 emissions in the US per year, more than any other sector (including transportation), reports indicate that 21 million families are also paying rents considered unaffordable under U.S federal standards!

PEARL Homes is focused on developing affordable housing in and adjacent to downtown centers, providing people an opportunity to live close to work, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment, while promoting the global movement towards more responsible and more sustainable living. Additionally, PEARL Homes respect the principles of New Urbanism strategies, which generate practical and attainable solutions for multiple challenges – climate, social equity, economic opportunity and public health.

Our flexible concepts and designs are quickly making sustainable living accessible to all renters. We offer a variety of different sizes and configurations that allow us to customize a solution for any situation. Our units currently range from 380 square feet to 1,080 square feet and can be built in the form of a single unit or in a multi-family building setting. Every Pearl Home, in every size, implements the same high quality and energy efficiency standards to ensure a modern lifestyle that is about respecting the Earth without compromising comfort and quality

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