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Building a Clean Future, One Pearl Home at a Time

Pearl Home Harnesses the Future of Home Technology

Cutting-edge technology is at the center of everything we’re creating at Pearl Homes & Marina. It’s what sets this waterfront development apart among new-build communities nationwide.

Get off the grid
It starts with the sonnenBatterie. This innovative solution speaks to the art of the possible as we charge toward a future that harnesses the power of the sun to power our homes, our boat lifts and our electric cars. The sonnenBatterie system is the very definition of the term “game changer.”

Practically speaking, it allows your home to create more energy than it consumes. This is unprecedented in Southwest Florida, and it’s incredibly rare in the United States. At a macro level, it represents independence — from the broader power grid and from having to pay yet another utility bill every month. It also represents your commitment to a more sustainable future. We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: The sun is Florida’s greatest natural resource. Why not tap into its full life-giving potential?

The next stop on the tech tour of the Pearl Home stops at the construction. When Hurricane Michael slammed into the Florida Panhandle last fall, the image of a lone home along the waterfront made its rounds on the web and piqued the New York Times’ interest. That home had been constructed to withstand a Category 5 storm while its neighboring structures weren’t nearly as fortunate.

The bottom line is this: The technology and techniques exist to build a home that will withstand a Category 5 storm. It’s our intention to build these homes to the highest standards. This, coupled with our homes’ ability to stay powered even if neighboring homes on the grid lose power, inspired Fast Company to call our approach “hurricane-poof.”

OK, Google
Finally, every Pearl home comes equipped with Google Home Automation technology. From the Yale Lock on your door to the Nest cameras keeping your home secure, we believe the smart devices that Google has developed for the home create a remarkable experience.

When you’re away, you’ll be able to monitor and control nearly every aspect of your home, including lighting, temperature and more.

Our new look
The homes aren’t the only place you’ll find shiny new tech around here. We recently updated our website to make your experience more seamless. The new site reflects our vision for this community and the residents we’re so excited to welcome. I encourage you to reacquaint yourself with Pearl Home. Better user experience blended in with cutting-edge design.

If you haven’t scheduled a tour of a Pearl home yet, now is a perfect time. We’ll be welcoming prospective residents to our Research and Design Center in the coming days. At this showing, you’ll be able to see this technology in action and understand what we mean when we say that Pearl Home is the future of homebuilding.

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