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Building a Clean Future, One Pearl Home at a Time

Pearl Home Renderings: Innovative Design, Waterfront Living

When we say every detail of the Pearl Homes at Pearl Home has been meticulously considered, we mean it. When we decided to build this community, we wanted to create a destination that blends seamlessly with its waterfront surroundings — one that helps its residents enjoy the fruits of a life well lived.

We believe a home’s design should inspire its occupant. It should complement its environment in a way that makes you think it was always meant to exist on this spot. As you can see in our latest renderings of this net-positive energy community, we have created a design that does exactly that.

As soon as you drive up to your Pearl home, there’s a sense that you’ve arrived at a special place. This is a home that was built with the idea that life is to be enjoyed indoors and outdoors. It’s time to enjoy all the opportunity that Florida living affords, and a home at Pearl home makes it easy.

Imagine parking your electric car in the garage, charging it with the sun’s power, which is stored in the sonnenBatterie that produces more energy than your household can consume.

Picture yourself walking upstairs to host a rooftop dinner party as the sun sets over the Gulf of Mexico, which is just minutes away by boat.

This is a home that takes advantage of outdoor living space at every turn. It’s a home that is as functional as it is beautiful. At the home’s lower level, you’ll find a Florida basement, a climate-controlled space that can serve a variety of functions, from storage to an extra sleeping area.

These homes are built and designed to give you peace of mind, whether you choose to live here full time or keep it as a vacation home. The carbon fiber materials we’ll use in construction mean that these homes can withstand a Category 5 storm. If such a storm takes out the area’s power grid, Pearl Home stays up, thanks to the sonnenBatterie system.

Google Home Automation products integrated throughout the home will allow you to check in on your property from anywhere at any time from your phone.

Among these homes’ most impressive features is their versatility. You’ll have the option, for example, to add a swimming pool to help you stay cool during those hot Florida afternoons.

At Pearl Home, we’ve created a destination to help you enjoy that which makes all of your hard work and sacrifice worth it. Inside, you’ll find top-of-the-line appointments throughout. Outside, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy Florida living at its finest.

As excited as we are to share these new renderings, we know that nothing beats the ability to see these homes up close and get hands-on with the technology that makes them so innovative. We encourage you to schedule a tour of a Pearl home today and visit our Research and Design Center.

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