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Building a Clean Future, One Pearl Home at a Time

Pearl Home Roundtable: Meet The Team

From the time we started this project, we’ve stressed that Pearl Homes & Marina is more than a collection of homes — it’s a movement. Perhaps most importantly, however, Pearl Home is about people. We’re striving to foster a movement toward responsible living and a greater sense of community. We want this to be a place that people are proud to call home; a place where families gather to enjoy the fruits of a life well lived.

We promise to build spectacular homes that produce more energy than they consume, but it’s the people that occupy those homes that will make Pearl Home truly unique.

Inspired by this emphasis on you, the prospective resident, I thought it would be fitting to hear from some of the people who are working so hard to make Pearl Home a reality. We recently put together a roundtable to share with you some of the work that is going on behind the scenes to ensure that Pearl Home is among the world’s most technologically advanced communities.

In this video, you’ll hear from a few of my amazing team members, including:

Donard Metzger, Senior Engineer for Energy Systems Research & Education at the prestigious Florida Solar Energy Center, explains our on-grid self-consumption energy model.

Jeremy Gary, a Class 1 Energy Rater and a USGBC LEED for Homes Green Rater, details why the LEED certification is so important to the home buyer.

Dennis Stroer, a Class A HVAC Contractor, discusses what makes Pearl Homes the “LEED leader” in homebuilding.

– Our energy development officer, Gary Carmack, details one of these homes ‘greatest assets — their ability to produce more energy than they consume.

– Former NBA champion Dahntay Jones, the newest member of the Pearl Homes team, focuses on the Pearl Homes commitment to sustainability.

If you’re looking to be among the first to get a hands-on showing of one of these homes at our Research and Design Center, be sure to click here and schedule a tour of a Pearl home. Once your tour is scheduled you will have the opportunity to see the home in action and take one more step closer to your life well lived.

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