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Building a Clean Future, One Pearl Home at a Time

The Future of Energy Is Net-Positive

Living “off the grid” no longer requires you to retreat to a log cabin somewhere deep in the woods. Saying goodbye to your power grid is now a positive thing — a net-positive thing, in fact.

Net-positive energy homes represent the future of power consumption in the United States. In simple terms, it means the home will produce more energy than it consumes. The excess energy can then be shared with other homes in the community (or communities, as the case may be), or it can be stored or sold to public power companies.

The net-positive lifestyle has found its way to Southwest Florida with the forthcoming development, Pearl Home Pearl Homes & Marina.

One of this community’s most impressive features is its reliance on sonnenBatterie technology, which will be incorporated into each of the 86 residences planned for the historic Cortez fishing village.

See the sonnenBatterie in Action

Schedule a tour of your home today, which includes an exclusive tour of our Research & Design Center after you provide a modest, fully refundable deposit.

Pearl Homes’ partnership with Sonnen allows each home to become its own power plant. Homes can tap into the excess energy that is stored to power their homes, or charge their electric cars.

One challenge that other solar solutions have encountered in the past is an inability to store excess solar energy that is created while sunlight is abundant and energy consumption is low. This can create problems when the sun sets and demand spikes. The sonnenBatterie solution addresses this problem by coordinating energy demand across the community through proprietary software.

Each Pearl Home at Pearl Home is equipped with rooftop solar panels and Sonnen’s groundbreaking solar management system, which can keep the community up and running and supplied with energy when storms knock out power on the traditional grid. The true beauty lies in its ability to allow residents to share their stored energy, bringing a truly climate-positive community to life.

What does this mean for you?

For Pearl Home residents, this approach brings with it peace of mind. Not only will your energy bill show a zero every month, you won’t need to fear losing power following a major weather event.

All the data you could want around your home’s energy production is available at your fingertips with the sonnenApp. It allows you to keep tabs on your energy usage and production from anywhere.

Perhaps more significantly, it puts the power in the hands of the consumer — quite literally. When you purchase a Pearl Home at Pearl Home, you’re joining a movement toward responsible, sustainable living. Welcome to the cutting edge of home energy production, and your key to a net-positive future.

We would love to welcome you to our Research & Design Center to get a hands-on experience with the sonnenBatterie technology. Please use this link to schedule a tour of a Pearl Home home today to ensure you’re among the first to see a home. 

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