A Net-Zero Virtual Powerplant

There’s an energy here. It’s an energy that you’re creating. It starts with you, with the home you make and the loved ones who fill it. But this isn’t home as you’ve known it. This is the most innovative, state-of-the-art, patented home you’ll ever own.

Intelligent Energy

A global leader in intelligent energy.

Our homes, designed with help from the Florida Solar Energy Center, a research institute at the University of Central Florida, are LEED-certified and give the word “efficient” a whole new meaning.

Pearl Homes anticipate your needs and execute them in a way that is clean and economical.

By incorporating Sonnen, the world’s leader in home energy management and storage, and solar in each home, we’re giving our residents a clean, reliable and long-lasting intelligent energy system that encourages greater energy independence.

98% Self Generated out of total daily use
Powered by Sonnen®, the world’s leading home energy management and storage company
Partnered with over six of the top U.S. energy organizations, including Energy Star and the U.S. Green Building Council.
Home Automation

Top of the line integration, made standard.

Every Pearl Home comes with the Google Home Smart Speaker & Home Assistant®. From lighting control to heating and air conditioning, to smart irrigation and home security, Pearl Homes’ systems and Google Home work seamlessly to create a smart home with serious green credentials. Other smart features include WaterSense high-efficiency fixtures and Hunter® Smart Irrigation (saving 2,500 gallons of water per home annually), EPA Energy Star appliances by GE® (reducing electricity use by 10-50 percent, and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

Home Design

Built Different

The basic difference between modular building and traditional building lies in the method of completing the building. In the case of the first technique, there are two stages of works – prefabrication of the structure at an off-site facility followed by the assembly on the target location later on. In addition, in the case of PEARL Homes, the degree of prefabrication, before the delivery to the location, reaches the level of 90%.

The only works that take place in the field are the incorporation of the structure into the underground infrastructure, joining particular modules together and finishing works. Such process of investment completion – in comparison with traditional building – becomes reduced to even 70% of the time!


Our Philosophy

MODULAR – A modular home is built in a factory. A factory setting allows a PEARL Home to be built faster, higher quality, and with less waste than a standard home.

  • Faster – Without the delays related to weather and other unpredictable events, the speed of construction in a factory is faster and more efficient than you will find in construction outdoors.
  • Quality – Rigorous quality control in a controlled environment allows for a high-quality construction process. Quality control checks are performed at every step of the way to maintain a predictable construction process.
  • Less Waste – Indoor construction and technologically advanced construction techniques make for a maximally efficient construction process with minimal waste.

MODERN – Modern design is an all-encompassing philosophy which we define in three main categories.

  • Selection of materials – At PEARL Homes we hand-select all materials to assure modern aesthetics, high durability, and longevity. The location that surrounds our communities also contributes to material selection. Each PEARL Homes community incorporates modern materials with a local twist to celebrate each unique location.
  • Indoor Outdoor Connection – At PEARL Homes we embrace the outdoors. The indoor-outdoor experience is a defining feature of our design and it means that from your main living space you will feel connected to the outdoors. Whether a vibrant urban setting or a peaceful retreat, part of living in a PEARL Home is feeling connected to the place which you choose to live.
  • Minimalism – To us, minimalism doesn’t mean living in an empty house with no flair, but it does mean living in an efficiently designed home without wasted space. A PEARL Home has rooms which are strategically sized, meant to create intimacy and warmth without feeling cramped, but not creating needless square footage. Every cubic inch inside of a PEARL Home was considered thoughtfully to either provide smart usable space or to purposely contribute to the open feeling of our smaller sized homes. A PEARL Home is designed for you to live comfortably and efficiently
    wherever you choose to place it.

SUSTAINABLE – In a PEARL Home, we made the conscious decision to build exceptionally durable homes which run exclusively on clean electrical energy.

  • Energy Efficiency – At PEARL Home we see a sustainable energy future which relies on renewable and clean electricity production to power our lives and our homes. PEARL Homes are the first mass-market, production built homes, designed to produce as much energy as they consume. That’s why we partnered with Germany’s award-winning SonnenBatterie®, allowing each home to store excess solar energy for use at night or to share it with the PEARL Homes Community and the entire grid.
  • Durability – Any PEARL Home is built to stand the test of time. Steel construction and durable cladding mean a PEARL Home will require less long term maintenance and outlive a standard home. Every PEARL Home is built to withstand nature’s strongest forces with Hurricane CAT 5 resistance.

Your life well-lived starts here.

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