The Future of Home Building

The PEARL Home is designed to inspire in its construction and focus on responsible, clean energy. Ours are the first mass-market, production-built homes designed to generate as much energy as they consume. That’s why we’ve partnered with Germany’s award-winning SonnenBatterie®, allowing each home to store excess solar energy for use at night or to share it with the PEARL Homes Community and the entire grid. This creates a virtual power plant of clean, carbon-free energy.

The Pearl Home

Less. Is. More.

What makes us different?

Safety & Durability – A Pearl Home features an engineered commercial grade steel frame for superior strength and a longer life span. Our homes are Cat-5 hurricane proof and typically meet rules, guidelines and building codes that surpass those of traditional on-site homes.

Faster Construction – Pearl Homes are built inside our state-of-the-art facility and then assembled on site. This building process eliminates most on-site weather delays and ensures a higher level of construction quality. You could have your new home in half the time it takes to build a traditional on-site home … or even faster!

Energy Efficiency – Pearl Homes feature a fully integrated solar energy management and storage system developed by Sonnen®. We have also partnered with top US energy organizations, including Energy Star and the US Green Building Council, to ensure the highest energy performance in all of our homes. In fact, the first ever residential home to be certified Leed Zero was a Pearl home!


The vision towards a net-positive future.

We believe it’s imperative that we improve our world with the way we live and the way we interact with nature and our community.

Pearl Homes provide communities of net-positive energy homes that together create virtual power grids.


There is no
Green Revolution
without the People

A location to cherish life’s beautiful moments.

Of course, there is no green revolution without the people. PEARL Homes Communities feature hundreds of luxury, energy-neutral homes, reducing construction costs and increasing access to green living. With streamlined production in the U.S. and abroad, PEARL Homes Communities are set to revolutionize the green homes market. For residents, for communities, and for the planet, PEARL Homes are changing the industry.

Your life well-lived starts here.

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